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Donating Non-Cash Assets We've got some exciting news! If you are new to Worldlink, or a long time donor you can now give non-cash gifts to Worldlink to support native missions. Do you have an old cell phone, electronics, car, boat or another asset that you would like to donate to Worldlink. Are there any assets you are not using that can be turned into cash to provide support for native missionaries is so, click read full story to donate.    
Growing the body of Christ in an Islamic stronghold Pakistan – Sixteen years ago, two young Christians started a remarkable work in the Taliban’s backyard.
Leadership snapshots from across the globe Strategic leaders are having significant impact in some of the world’s most challenging places.  
The Story of Worldlink Worldlink is helping North Americans and Native Missionaries partner to reach the world
You Can Help Change the World You can Help Change the World by linking with a Native Missionary